How I coach

I work by blending coaching, psychology, EFT Tapping and energy realignment. Through these approaches, my goal is to connect you to an outcome you really want – one that makes you buzz with excitement about the future!

Psychology & Mindset
Coaching & Personal Development
EFT Tapping & Energy Realignment

Desired Lifestyle Change

What to expect

1. Discovery Call

Let’s start at the beginning, which is always a free 45 mins discovery call. This is to check in, without judgment, where your mind, body and emotions are currently at. Questions are tailored whether you’re looking for Life, Business or Student Coaching, though typically we will cover things like:

  • What does your dream life look like?
  • Do you know where you’d like to be in 6 months, 1 year or 5 years from now?
  • What do you feel like you’re missing?
  • What makes you feel stuck?
  • Where does your pain come from?

You’ll then receive a free follow up and accountability report to ensure we’re aligned before our first full length session.

2. Our Sessions

During our 1-2-1 sessions, we’ll begin to understand what holds you back from the life you want to live, the job you want or success you crave. Then, we’ll challenge these debilitating thought patterns and replace them with new ones that serve you much better. This is a process where you’ll learn that you are prefect in your imperfection.

Whilst parts can be challenging, you’ll start to love conflicting thoughts and learn to explore, listen and respect them. Lasting transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s the small changes that make big waves! 

3. The Rewards

The realisations we uncover will allow you to harness a new level of inner strength. Like a ripple effect, once you’ve overcome one mental roadblock, the others seem more possible. Soon enough, the commitment you’ve made to your personal development allows you to love the good, the bad and the ugly parts of yourself, and gives you more control over how you handle life’s challenges. You’ll develop the confidence to speak up, be heard and give life all you’ve got.

We have packages to suit you, in life, business or as a student

Remember, the goal is not perfection. We’re looking for acceptance, balance and abundance of self-love and worth!

What I realise though is that you can have a conversation with a friend or family member with your troubles or general state of mind, you can also have it with multiple friends and family members but seldom can they can offer sage or comprehensive in how to deal with situations, especially when situations are novel and it may be too overwhelming or too personal to drill into. Opening up is good but you can’t take back certain things that you say. All the different people you speak to will all answer in a different way making you feel more confused and ultimately more frustrated, lost, disassociated. Once you ask advice, much of the time friends and family members feel like it’s okay to keep on giving it and even when you are having a good day them asking ‘how are you?’ out of kindness makes you relive the stresses and traumas of life even though you are probably wanting to forget and focus on the event you may all be attending.

Charlie has been a kind, non -biased active listener. Empathy and valuable insight into emotional response and trigger identification has been really quite soothing and rewarding overall. It’s like you get to know yourself that little bit better. With careful resource signposting and selecting mantras for homework, focus goals have been achieved throughout our sessions. There’s no mistake that you are in the driving seat (as only you can fix you), Charlie does not mollycoddle or take the role of an agony aunt in the sessions but offers comprehensive strategies and we have activities that we go through together which in a way are fun and that gives me something to look forward to in our regular catchups. 

What I will stress above all else is that I can plan my thought capture during the week around my appointment where I can drill into myself with Charlie’s help. I have never trusted someone in the way that I trust Charlie and how she can offer advice by relating to a scenario.

Once I was a sceptic, until I got over myself.

Thanks again,


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“OPM coaching is free from judgement and preconceptions. I fully welcome and encourage you to be you.”

– Charlie Townend, Founder.