About OPM

Only People Matter supports people who want more from life, to level up. By blending coaching, psychology and energy realignment, my mission is to connect you with a goal that makes you buzz with excitement about the future. Whether you’re working with me in Life, Business or Student Coaching, our aim isn’t ‘perfection’. Instead, we’re looking to create acceptance, balance and an abundance of self-love and worth. 

OPM believes in…


Everyone receives the same respect and service here regardless of age, race, sexuality, religion, beliefs or gender.


OPM coaching is free from judgement and preconceptions. I fully welcome and encourage you to be you.


This is all about helping you reach your potential. Prepare yourself to feel liberated from limiting beliefs!

I’m Charlie, a qualified coach, psychology graduate and founder of Only People Matter.

After a period of self-discovery, I became a coach to support other people through some of the challenges I’ve experienced – and overcome. Although I’m here to help you through the difficult times, my aim isn’t to just give you the tools to ‘cope’, everything I do is to help you ‘level up’ and be who you want to be.

For me, our relationship is the most important part of coaching and what sets us up for success. It’s important you know I ‘get it,’ which why I coach in the areas I do. I’ve had hardships, switched careers and struggled at school, so I’m speaking to you from a place of understanding. Our relationship is equal, and we work together as a team. Over time, you’ll start to see me as someone between an old friend and reliable mentor.

Only People Matter is a mission-led business. My ambition is to create a more emotionally connected and accepting society, one that understands different backgrounds and embraces individuality. I believe that coaching – and working on ourselves – is the first step in building towards the bigger picture.

If you’re ready to make some changes, I’d love to help you.

Charlie x


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“By working together, my aim is to connect you with a goal that that sets you alight with excitement.”

– Charlie Townend, Founder.