Charlie Townend

EFT Practitioner, Transitional Life Coach & Founder of Only People Matter

Re-write your story, re-define your life.

I help heart-centred women to breakthrough into a new phase of their life and re-define themselves through life’s challenges – what I like to call ‘life transitions’. My mission is to gently navigate you, at an organic pace, to re- write your story with inner strength, confidence & clarity so that you can build the future you deserve, even when you feel there is no hope.

By blending Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping), coaching and psychological theory, I will connect you to a purpose which ignites you with a new passion for life. 

If you’re ready to unlock unhelpful beliefs, make yourself a priority & re-write your story, I am here for you.


If you're ready to...

Build resilience when life changes
Safely heal past trauma
Re-write limiting beliefs
Build self-esteem & confidence
Reduce anxiety & clear your mind
Re-write and reclaim your life
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If you're ready to...

Turn your passion into your profit
Lessen imposter syndrome
Set boundaries with colleagues
Create a career around family life
Build a great work/life balance
Create financial freedom
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If you're ready to...

Breakthrough after a toxic breakup
Improve relationships with loved ones
Find strength to build new relationships
Safely heal relationship trauma
Re-define yourself after children
Navigate out of toxic relationships
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“We have to change ourselves, in order to change the world around us.”

– Charlie Townend, Founder.

How I coach

I work by blending coaching, psychology, EFT Tapping and energy realignment. Through these approaches, my goal is to connect you with your purpose, find closure on what is not serving you and re-write the narrative of your life.

Psychology & Mindset ​
Coaching & Personal Development ​
EFT Tapping & Energy Realignment ​

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What my clients say


About me

I’m Charlie, a certified Coach, Psychology Graduate and Founder of Only People Matter. Having overcome obstacles in my own life, I became a Coach as I wanted to help others do that very same thing. 

Through my own self-discovery, I realised that my passion is to help heart-centred women to understand themselves better, giving them more control over their destination when life derails. 

Ordinary People, Extraordinary stories:

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